Reflections from an early career professional: Maximizing my present career for my long-term journey

After this reading, Jacinta will likely shoot her shots to all men in this range, increasing the probability of finding love — vs. waiting for a specific type of man to sweep her off her feet
Circles A and B symbolize our personal factors

One skill I really want to gain is how you do “empathetic” problem solving (I made up this term but I feel that it captures my point). What I mean by this is your way of working with client. You have a tendency to do these to diffuse confusion: 1) diagnose /break down the vague/unclear thoughts of a client; 2) offer answers in a way that client understands; and 3) build ‘mental connections’ of our idea to existing client context; these always end up inspiring the client not only to buy into our recommendation, but with additional topics/initiatives to think about.

Sometimes, discussions with clients end up gak nyambung where both parties have different expectations in content. Your method almost always succeeded avoiding this.

As you know, I am genuinely inspired by this and have never seen this done more efficiently by anyone else. I honestly have no idea how to learn this step-by-step as its not really something technical like making a model or memorizing PPT shortcut. However, would like to continue working with you more in the future so I can at least learn by observation :)

Many ambitious people, especially out of prestige paths (e.g. top universities), are seeking one of a kind outcomes but are limiting themselves to picking prestigious paths that everyone goes down on. Winner Takes All by Anand Giriharadas tells the real-life story of Cohen, who joins McKinsey right out of her undergraduate studies at Georgetown University with a passion for public policy and community organizing:

“She joined McKinsey by reassuring herself: “Now that I’ve been trained to structure, break down, and solve business problems, I can apply those same skills to any issue or challenge I chose.” Once inside, though, she realized that while this way of thinking was indeed useful for helping a tire company shave costs or a solar panel maker select a promising market for global expansion, it didn’t deserve its status as a cure-all among domains. Accountancy, medicine, education, espionage, and seafaring all have their own tools and modes of analysis, but none of those approaches was widely promoted as the solution to virtually everything else. Cohen began to worry that this idea of business training as a way station to world-changing was just a recruiter’s ruse.”



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