For girls who want to work

You’re 12 years old at grandma’s Chinese New Year party. After lunch, you go into grandma’s bedroom to hang out with the women and children while your male cousins hang out in the couch with grandpa and the uncles. You listen to older girl cousins talk about upcoming weddings, aunts talk about baby stuff, and grandma rattle about someone’s cheating wife. You go outside to grab some nastar, overhearing the uncles talk about factories while smoking cigarettes. Your male cousins are still there.

You’re 14. Your mom enters your bedroom and complains about the mess. You say you’ve been busy studying for a final. Your mom retorts with the all-time favorite line, “Mana ada cewe berantakan begini? Nanti gimana kalau jadi istri, mana mau suamimu?!” She still says the same thing when you come home in the summer.

You’re 21. Your mom tells you she’s proud of your achievements in college and your job offers. Laughing a little, she stops and says, “tapi sayang kamu kurang satu… Gak bisa jahit.”



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